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“We care about creating an accessible, professional, multi-use space for actors who want to create quality self-tapes, teachers wanting a private soundproof studio for their Zoom classes, coaches working 1:1 with clients, videographers and filmmakers working on their own projects, and more. If it sounds like the studio is a good fit for you, we’d love to have you join us.”
– Michael Bean, Founder, Beatty St Studios


Easy To Use: Members have a key and fob and 24/7 access to the studios. Bookings can be made anytime made via a shared calendar (iCal/gCal). When you’re at the studio, it’s your studio.

Professional: Camera, tripod and lighting, bluescreen back wall, sixteen foot ceilings, uncluttered studios, white walls and ceiling with raw-canvas sound baffles, no advertising on the walls. Walk in, turn on the lights and the camera, and you’re ready to start taping.

Soundproof: Each studio has double solid-core wood doors. The floor, ceiling and supporting pillars are concrete. The walls are 5/8″ drywall “floating” walls, and interior and exterior surfaces are covered with large sound baffles to mute noise internally. The studios are separated by an additional 4″ of sound insulation and a third wall, to ensure that taped sessions are completely isolated from each other.

COVID Safety: Studios are scheduled with 30min between sessions for air to circulate. Each studio is equipped with an individual HVAC unit with a high-efficiency HEPA air filter. Each studio is equipped with a hand sanitizing station, and there are stations at each entrance and exit. Members are expected to follow the detailed Covid Safety Guidelines in our Member Agreement.


Memberships are month-to-month:

  • 16hrs: $240 ($15/hr)

Membership is due at the first of the month. Members are required to have a credit card on file in case of damages, and to complete a checklist at the start of each booking to ensure equipment is in good working order. Members are responsible for any damages during their booking. There is also a $50 key-and-fob deposit. You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice. All new members have to sign our Member Agreement.

Contact Us: For more information email us at or call/text Michael at (604) 801-7050 to arrange a Free Orientation and check it out for yourself (bring your mask, of course 😉).




256 sq.ft. (16′ x 16′)
Canon T5i with Tripod (takes a standard SD card)
32″ Monitor
Battery Powered External Mic (rechargeable 9V batteries in studio)
Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Studio Lights
Two Soft-Box Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Moveable Lights
Folding Chairs


168 sq.ft. (12′ x 14′)
Canon T3i with Tripod (takes a standard SD card)
32″ Monitor
Battery Powered External Mic
Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Studio Lights
Two Soft-Box Full-Spectrum Flourescent Moveable Lights


We also have one studio large enough for socially-distanced classes of up to nine students plus an instructor. Bookings for this studio are only available in four-hour blocks. (i.e. Tier3 members can make a once-weekly 4hr booking for $240).

640 sq.ft. (16′ x 40′)
Dimmable overhead lights
10 Folding Chairs